Who Killed Lester in American Beauty

Who Killed Lester in American Beauty

The plot of Who Killed Lester in American Beauty is quite intriguing. There are several suspects including Colonel Frank Fitts, Angela, Ricky, and Carolyn. Each suspect has a specific motive and you’ll want to figure out the truth behind the murder to avoid spoilers. Read on to discover more about the characters involved.

Colonel Frank Fitts

If you are familiar with American Beauty, you may know that Colonel Frank Fitts is one of the antagonists of the movie. Played by Chris Cooper, the character Colonel Fitts is the epitome of a complex character. He is a study of repression, rage, and self-loathing. Fitts may be the most complex character in the movie.

The movie’s original ending is very different than the one you’ve seen. In the novel, Lester’s father was killed by Frank Fitts. He is a homosexual who tried to bury his homosexual desires, but he mistakenly believed that Lester and Angela were gay. The early drafts of American Beauty by Alan Ball were darker.


The original ending of Angela Lester killing Lester in American beauty had a different ending. Lester’s murder was a tragic mistake, but Dreamworks executives convinced Bill Ball to make the change. Instead, Lester was murdered by his neighbor, Chris Cooper. The T-shirt of Lester’s murderer is stained with blood, and Lester’s wife hides the gun for fear of being implicated.

The character of Ricky is also an interesting one. Ricky is a very charming man, and he was attracted to Jane after he watched her tape a supermarket bag fluttering in the wind. The movie’s plot develops from there. Jane complains to Ricky about her unsatisfactory life, her unlovely parents, her father’s attraction to Angela, and her plans to kill Lester. The plot moves forward from there, as Lester and Ricky become closer in the end.


American Beauty is an American drama film directed by Robert Altman. It centers around the lives of two men. In the movie, Ricky Lester plays Lester’s friend and rival. He also acts as his mentor. He tries to teach both men how to be better. However, Lester failed miserably in both. His character is also a victim of violence.

 The film is set in suburban America. Lester is a successful actor who works in television. His son, Frank, is also an actor. He has a passion for music and he plays it well. In the film, he aspires to be like his dad. The film has a dark undertone


The question of who killed Lester in American Beauty is a complex one. The film presents Lester as an emotionally entrapped man who has lost his way in life. He is trapped between his job and Carolyn, a woman he despises and hates. On the good days, the two are indifferent, but on bad days, they are hostile. He has a lot of sexual energy and has no idea how to release it.

The answer to the question of who killed Lester is not immediately obvious, but it’s not too difficult to discern the motives. There are several clues to the crime. The gun used by Carolyn is not a 44 Magnum, which was the weapon of choice. Also, the Colonel’s behavior reveals his homosexual self-hatred behavior. When his son demonstrates homosexual traits, he questions him aggressively.

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey plays the role of Lester Burnham, a forty-year-old man who needs to stop and smell the roses. Unfortunately, the suburban backyard of the Burnham family won’t give him much pleasure. He is not alone in his dissatisfaction, as his wife Carolyn (Annette Bening) is also a disgruntled housewife.

 But that’s not the only reason why this movie is a disappointment. It lacks genuine dialogue. Lester and his two co-workers seem to be communicating in a hollow way. Carolyn talks in a monotone, and Lester is unable to take responsibility for his marriage and failing fatherhood. Jane, on the other hand, only responds to his frustrations with sarcastic sound bytes

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