who makes wigs for horses

In the nineteenth century, Humphrey Ravenscroft patented a wig made of horsehair. This hair was said to lend a fine and soft quality to headwear. It was also used as part of horse hygiene and care. The hair was obtained from the slaughtered animals. Today, wig manufacturers use horsehair derived from slaughtered horses.

Valerie Nilsson

Valerie Nilsson runs a business called Broom Tails by Valerie, which is booming because of the demand for horsehair products in the western world. Her products include full tail extensions, forelocks, and mane extensions. Her customers include Western pleasure competitors and cutting and reining horsemen who want their horses to have long-flowing manes.

Chanel Rhodes

The inspiration for Chanel Rhodes’ new business was her love of equestrian sports. She wanted to add some color to her horse Lady’s mane and came up with an idea for colorful hair extensions. It was soon popular among her friends and family, and the business was born.

Chanel’s passion for horseback riding was piqued when she saw that African American riders were excelling in horseback riding. As a result, she decided to make a wig for one of her horses, Lady. The video of the installation process was shared on social media, and she was even interviewed by the founders of the Young Black Equestrians Podcast. This led to more exposure for her passion project, and the podcast also encouraged her to turn it into a business.

Mane Tresses

Founded by a 33-year-old equestrian from California, Mane Tresses makes colorful mane extensions for horses. The company has recently been featured in a 60- second documentary on Instagram and NBC’s Access Daily. In addition, McLaughlin was recently interviewed by Heels Down Mag.

 Rhodes started the company as a way to help black equestrians express themselves through horseback riding. She created a video to show her project to the community, and it spread quickly. The project even made its way onto a podcast called “Young Black Equestrians” – a show that aims to promote an equestrian culture with an “extra dose of melanin.” Soon, she started receiving requests for horse wigs.

In addition to being an award-winning business, Mane Tresses has also been featured on Access Daily, To Tell the Truth, Chrome Magazine, Bust Magazine, and the Autry Museum. They are also perfect for professional photo shoots. Mane Tresses wigs make a stunning statement.

Manes are not only beautiful and functional, but they are also important for horses. The long hair helps swish away insects, preventing them from lighting on the horse. The long mane also helps protect the neck of the animal from predator bites. And finally, it helps the animal avoid sun-bleaching and tangles.

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